The unmade photo by Dorel Găină

Illustration by: George Roșu

The unmade photo by:
Rareș Ion

The story sounds like this: I was at a night wedding, somewhere near a barn in Bucharest. The guests wore casual clothes with Converse sneakers in the legs; some of them were holding pipes in their mouths. It was quite dark all around, the light came only from Edison bulbs and candles. The moment of the cake is finally coming. A beautiful cake with seasonal fruit. Suddenly, all the lights go out, and the bride and groom remain only silhouettes outlined in the darkness. What better reason for a photo not to be taken?

About Rareș Ion

He defines himself as a simple man with two black cameras, a mind full of ideas, aspirations and a special passion for wedding photography. In two words: “wedding-storyteller.”