We are photographers. But, just like every other fisherman, we like to sometimes talk about the ones that got away. The photographs that we missed. This is how it all began. With Dorel Găină talking about a situation Loránd Vakarcs encountered and referencing for the first time a Museum of Unmade Photos. Years later, we decided to make it happen by combining stories with illustrations. in a package intended for very wide audience.

We want people to discover more about photography and photographers.

We want you to see the work of some very talented artists and illustrators.

About The Museum of Unmade Photos

What is the story behind the story?

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The way the photos are taken, the borderline situations that photographers encounter, the ethical decisions they make in whether or not to take a photo, are very rarely found by the public. Often, photographers cannot or do not choose to take certain images.

The Museum of Unmade Photos gathers the stories of these images, in a collection of illustrations that bring a new perpective to photography.

This project was created and organized by Asociatia Fotopia, a Romanian NGO that aims to promote photojournalism and documentary photography.

A series of exhibitions with illustrations made by Romanian artists that present stories from photographers all over the world about the photos they never made.

The project in a nutshell

  • 1 exhibition every year, illustrated by Romanian artists.

  • #1 The first collection was dedicated to photographers from Cluj, Romania.

  • #2 begins the series of exhibitions dedicated to photographers from all over the world, in an “international” version of the museum.

  • On the long run, we want the museum to be permanently housed in an art gallery space.

  • The project aims to raise funds by selling promotional materials or receiving donations to support future events dedicated to photographers and photography.

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