Your support is vital

You can help the Museum of Unmade Photos to share it’s stories with the world.

We dare to dream of a small gallery like space to house the museum in a permanent location.

We need resources to do the following:

  • Care for, discover and share the unmade photos.
  • Create powerful exhibitions and gallery displays.
  • Bring together photographers to share their experience.
  • Engage local and global audiences with “museum”.

Your generosity will bring a new perspective on photography while supporting the work of amazing visual artists.

Ways to support

Make a donation

Your gift will help us to bring the project to a world wide audience.

Spread the news

Share this project, write about it and invite your friends to discover the stories of the musem.

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Contact us to find out how we can work together to make this project grow.


Tell us your story

Choose the story of an unmade photo,  describe it in maxim 1500 characters, add a short bio and send it to us.