The unmade photo by Dorel Găină

Illustration by: George Roșu

The unmade photo by:
Roxana Petrean

Italy, Tuscany, 1.30 am at night. I was coming back from a wedding that I photographed, being very tired. The hotel was 18 km away and I had to pass through a forest in total darkness. Only the headlights were visible, not even the sky. I was driving, maximum 15 km/h, window open. Suddenly a deer leaped in front of my car. It stopped and looked at me. I stopped and looked at it, and the second I left the car to go to the trunk to get my photo camera, the deer spilled back into the woods. 95% was real. But considering how tired I was, I leave room for interpretation.

About Roxana Petrean

Successfully sharing herself between photography and family life. When taking photos in different photo sessions or attending events, she loves to surprise emotions. She is always full with energy, and gets really excited when manages to create something memorable.