The unmade photo by Dorel Găină

Illustration by: George Roșu

The unmade photo by:
Dorel Găină

March, 1990. I was at a market in Oradea, in a sunless spot with cement tables. It was quite cold outside, so few people were nearby. A “bade” (mountain peasant) had on the table, on broken sheet of magazines with naked women, two plucked hens, as naked as the women. I said to myself: “Dorel Găină (Gaină means hen in Romanian) is shooting naked hens on naked women.” I showed my enthusiasm to the man and I asked for permission to photograph the scene. He said “yes,” but then he changed his mind and said “no”. I did not take the picture because I did not want for the next photographers he would have met to be distrusted.

About Dorel Găină

He’s the photographer you’ve seen at least once with his camera, on one of the streets of Cluj, or at a cultural event. Professor at the University of Art and Design, he considers himself rather a student hidden under the teacher’s face. “I photograph with great joy cracks in asphalt, landscapes, portraits, city situations, clouds, leaves, absolutely everything that moves.”