The unmade photo by Dorel Găină

Illustration by: Claudia Chelaru

The unmade photo by:
Hajdu Tamás

Baia Mare, year 2010

I remember it was a fall night, with the perfect light. I had gone shopping at the supermarket. Usually, I have a simple rule: I take my camera with me everywhere. But on that day, out of haste, I had forgotten it on the kitchen table. Too bad! At the Kaufland entrance, in the regular place for minced meat rolls and beer, five or six clowns were eating and drinking at the counter, wearing make-up and dressed like at the circus. Since then, I never get out of the house without my camera.

About Hajdu Tamás

A veterinarian by profession, but in love with visual arts since forever, Hajdu says he started seriously taking photographs in 2005. Ever since, he has been documenting the city life of his hometown (Baia Mare) and the camera lens has sort of become his extension. Some sort of a sense organ through which he archives the unmistakable spirit of a world that opens up countless stories, sheltered under the impression of stagnation.